Twitter stops counting usernames in replies toward the 140-character limit

twitter-replies-100715895-mediumTwitter’s 140-character limit is essential to its existence, but the company realizes how annoying it can be to trim your thoughts when composing a reply because the person you’re chatting with has a long username. Twitter has decided to no longer count a username toward your 140 characters, a change now rolling out to its iOS and Android apps as well as Check out this article from

Windows 10 Creators Update will take months to roll out, Microsoft confirms

windows-10-au-velocity-100714613-mediumUsers waiting for Windows 10’s Creators Update, which is expected to release soon, may need to be patient. Data released Wednesday by AdDuplex suggests that Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update took months to roll out to users after it was released last August, and the same pace could apply to the Creators Update. Get to know more of this article from

Turn Excel Into a Tax Calculator With These Templates

Excel-Tax-Templates-Featured-670x335The tax season is well and truly upon us. It is time to count the pennies and disclose exactly how much you made, as well as how you earned it.

Calculating the right amount of tax is important. It can also be difficult. With that in mind, I’ve tracked down two Excel tax calculators to ensure you don’t miss a single penny. More of this article from

The Windows 10 Creators Update’s best new features: Privacy tweaks, Paint 3D, and more

windows-10-cu-2-100715666-mediumWindows 10 doesn’t behave like the Windows of yesteryear. Instead of a monolithic operating system replaced by a successor in a year or two, it’s more of a living, breathing entity—one that’s constantly changing with the release of massive new “named” updates. The most high-profile example was 2016’s Anniversary Update, which added features like the Bash Shell, a dark theme, Windows Ink, Xbox Play Anywhere, and a whole, whole lot more. Get to know more of this article from