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Apple’s September Music Event

Apple unveiled a host of new products and services at their annual music event in San Francisco today. The first news was the announcement of the iOS 4.1, the latest version of their mobile operating system. This update includes fixes for bugs in the proximity sensor and for slowness on the iPhone 3G and a […]

The All New Apple TV

Is there anything that Apple hasn’t perfected yet? For just $99, sit back and enjoy the ride. With just a power cord and HDMI cable to plug into your widescreen TV you can watch movies, TV shows, stream pictures, get Netflix, and listen to your music. The best part is it’s all Wi-Fi! With dimensions […]

Marketing Messages in the Palm of Your Hand: Text Message Marketing

As technology advances, so do marketing strategies. We see appearing in new places all the time; traditional advertising isn’t working as well any more. As trends show, users are text messaging their friends, family, or acquaintances much more than calling them. It only seems right that marketers take advantage of this and start marketing through […]

NEW Apple iPad 2

With no surprise, the next big buzz is the iPad 2. It seems that Apple can do no wrong these days with every release being better and more profitable than the last. With the iPad 2 being released on March 11, 2011 we will just have to wait and see just how revolutionary this new […]

9 browser shortcuts EVERYONE should know

The mark of a truly advanced computer user is knowing how to use keyboard shortcuts, the quick combos that seem like magic to mouse-dependent, casual typists. But although most techies operate with a full suite of operating system shortcuts in mind, they often neglect the ones built into web browsers. Considering how important the browser […]