iPhone 4 is Shipping

Nathan saw it coming, and it’s now shipping! Read on for more detail…

So the big question most people might have is, should I buy one? Here’s the main list of main changes:

  • Completely new packaging style! Following in the footsteps of the unibody Macbooks, the new phone is designed to be a sandwich of two pieces of ultra-strong glass with a unibody-style metal band holding them together. It’s thinner by a decent margin and feels denser and higher quality.
  • Better reception! The steel band sandwiching the glass acts as antennae improving reception over the 3GS and resulting in fewer dropped calls.
  • Better display! The Retina display is an ultra-dense display resulting in gorgeous renderings (Apple claims human eyes cannot distinguish between pixels, hence the Retina name).
  • Front-facing camera and Face Time! This isn’t new technology, but Apple hasn’t been known for extreme innovation of new features; what they do is polish those features and bring them to the masses. Anyone who has used video chat while lugging around a heavy laptop should appreciate this technology packaged right into their cell phone.
  • Improved rear-facing camera! This is a full 5 Megapixel sensor now, and while it won’t replace your high end DSLR, the image quality you can get from something that’s always in your pocket anyways is incredible. You can even record in 720p (high def video) at 30fps. It’s not perfect, there is still a bit of Jellyvision when moving quickly, but overall incredible quality from a phone.

Want to learn more?

Engadget has put the iPhone 4 through its paces, and while the site sometimes seems to favor Apple products, it was not shy in admitting this:

…the iPhone 4 is the best smartphone on the market right now…

What now?

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Apple’s September Music Event

Apple unveiled a host of new products and services at their annual music event in San Francisco today.

The first news was the announcement of the iOS 4.1, the latest version of their mobile operating system. This update includes fixes for bugs in the proximity sensor and for slowness on the iPhone 3G and a new HDR camera feature.

The focus of this update is Game Center, which features matchmaking, achievements, leader boards, friend lists and more. Apple has already provided developers with APIs to work into their games. Users will be able to track their games and friends next week with the release of iOS 4.1


The iPad is also getting a new operating system. The first version of iOS 4 for the iPad is iOS 4.2 and will be available in November. This update includes all the improvements over iOS 3 (folders, multitasking, etc.) but also includes wireless printing and a feature called “AirPlay” that will allow you to stream music and video from your computer to your iPad at home. iOS 4.2 should be available in November.

Next, Steve Jobs introduced a new iPod Shuffle, Nano and Touch. The new Shuffle is about the size of a US Quarter. This version brings back buttons and is closest in form-factor to the second-generation iPod Shuffles. This 2GB iPod will set you back $49.

iPod Shuffles

iPod Nanos

The iPod Nano had a drastic change in form-factor. Looking more like a miniature iPod Touch, the Nano is about double the size of the new Shuffle and uses a scaled-down version of the iOS on a small square multi-touch screen. The Nano is $149 for 8GB and $179 for 16GB.

The new iPod Touch has the new retina display, A4 chip, Gyroscope, and front and rear facing cameras from the iPhone 4. FaceTime will work with iPod Touches and iPhone 4s over WiFi. The iPod Touch will be available next week and will be $229 for 8GB, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB.

iPod Touch

Steve Jobs then introduced iTunes 10. He first introduced the new logo, a music note on a blue circle. Steve expressed that the CDs on the old logo were no longer relevant because so few people use them anymore.

iTunes 10

The biggest feature of the new iTunes is Ping, a new social network. After setting up a profile users can see and share what music they like, are playing and are buying from iTunes. Available on the iPods as well, Ping also gives users a Top 10 of what your friends like the most.

The last news of the day was about one of Apple’s least-known products: the Apple TV. Shedding the internal hard drive and dropping to a $99 price tag, the Apple TV now focuses exclusively on streaming content. With Netflix support and new content deals that make HD movie rentals $4.99 and HD TV episodes 99¢.

The All New Apple TV

Is there anything that Apple hasn’t perfected yet? For just $99, sit back and enjoy the ride. With just a power cord and HDMI cable to plug into your widescreen TV you can watch movies, TV shows, stream pictures, get Netflix, and listen to your music. The best part is it’s all Wi-Fi! With dimensions of 0.9in x 3.9in x 3.9in, this thing can fit in any tight space and with a weight of only 0.6 lbs it’s as light as a feather! The only thing sleeker and smaller is the remote. In fact, the new design is 80% smaller than the old design, as modern trends tell us: smaller is better!

The new Apple TV is also very environmentally friendly. Barely leaving a footprint, the amazingly energy efficient product uses less power than your night light! Now that’s Green! This he affordable, tiny, and innovated Apple TV is revolutionizing the way we watch TV!