The tougher Galaxy S8 Active is here with a bigger battery and a shatterproof display

galaxy-s8-active-100731078-mediumIf there’s one criticism of the Galaxy S8 (aside from the terrible placement of the fingerprint sensor), it’s that it’s a little too fragile. So if you’ve held off on buying because you’re afraid of breaking it, the Galaxy S8 Active is here to quell your fears. Check out this article from

How to Sync Music With Your Android Phone or Tablet

sync-android-music-670x335Your Android device typically has upwards of 8 GB of storage. A single MP3 is usually around 3.5 MB. That means your phone has a lot of space for storing your music collection! Throw in mobile internet and Wi-Fi for wireless syncing and streaming, and suddenly you have a whole host of ways to sync your music collection with your Android phone or tablet. Check out this article from