Windows 10 S review: Microsoft’s OS for students is hard to love

dsc06114-100727764-mediumMicrosoft’s Windows 10 S is what happens when a once-easygoing operating system has kids and turns into a helicopter parent. Windows 10 S, a locked-down version of Windows 10 found on the Surface Laptop and a small group of low-cost, third-party notebooks, keeps students safe and secure by restricting them to the Windows Store. But as our review shows, the lack of freedom chafes. Check out this article from

Google Maps: 5 expert tips you should be using

google-maps-hero-100731040-mediumGoogle Maps has long set the standard for how maps and navigation apps should function on a smartphone. On your Android device, it’s likely one of the best apps you use, and it’s even better once you start poking and prodding its settings panel. But are you getting everything you can out of Google Maps? Here are some tips to make Google Maps even more efficient. Check out how on this article from

The tougher Galaxy S8 Active is here with a bigger battery and a shatterproof display

galaxy-s8-active-100731078-mediumIf there’s one criticism of the Galaxy S8 (aside from the terrible placement of the fingerprint sensor), it’s that it’s a little too fragile. So if you’ve held off on buying because you’re afraid of breaking it, the Galaxy S8 Active is here to quell your fears. Check out this article from