stock-photo-8293259-security-camsSystem security is critically important.  Unfortunately, by virtue of the fact that we need to use the internet to communicate, it becomes a challenge to simultaneously secure those networksand protect our workstations, not only from unwanted data, but from intrusion as well.  We can help you with both!

Fortunately, 303 Computers’ technicians are well versed in network topology, security, and the current threats on the digital frontier.   These threats come in multiple forms, including active incoming security threats that can be protected in most cases by a good firewall.  There are, however, also threats that can come from the inside, like an email in your inbox, that would require good antivirus software, or unauthorized wireless usage, that may require better wireless hardware.

We can perform an audit of your systems and tell where you have vulnerabilities.

It is also important to consider the threat level of your particular industry.  Our specialists are well versed in common threats, as well as new dangers on thenetworks security landscape as well.  Networking multiple sites with secure VPN connections, secured hosting, and other products are among our offerings that can help make sense of an insecure situation and give you peace of mind.

303 Computers offers quick turnaround, so you know now.

We can also help you implement contemporary solutions that will help you stay ahead of upcoming dangers, as well as threats that have already arrived.

We would like to hear more about your needs with regard to System Security.